Why Do You Weep (Tell me why do you weep)

Tell me why do you weep?
Tell me why do you mourn?
Tell me why do you look so sad?
Tell me why don’t you dance?
Tell me why don’t you sing?
Tell me why don’t you look to the sky?

Don’t you know that your King is nigh?
He is even at the gates of Jerusalem
He is coming on the morning sky

Don’t you know that the feast is ready
Ready for the bride to come?
Brothers, keep your lamps a-burning
the ending of the age is come

Don’t you know you are the Lord’s invited?
Don’t you know you are the chosen ones?
You in whom He has delighted
Shall rise with Jesus when He comes

Come arise, my love, my fairest daughter
The winter and the rain are gone
The flowers of summer are appearing
The time of singing songs has come

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1976 Make Way Music,

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Breaking Of The Dawn was Graham's fourth album and the songs are 'just the first few streams of light in the breaking of the dawn in my own life'.Jesus Stand Among Us is the first 'praise and worship' album by Graham Kendrick, UK based worship leader and modern hymn writer.
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