Breaking Of The Dawn

There is a kind of dawn breaking in millions of lives, a scattering of the darkness as the light and power released at the resurrection of Jesus begins to shine in those who have been made Sons of God and heirs of a new Kingdom.

With this new Kingdom comes a new way of living, a straightening of twisted lives, a release of captive minds, a renewal of hope. There comes a healing of scarred relationships, the birth of new ones growing into purity, truth and an overwhelming thanksgiving to the King of this new creation. There dawns the joyful discovery of a new self, no longer ruled by sin, but acceptable to the Father through the atonement of Christ, clothed in His purity, filled with His Spirit.

The promise of dawn is a glorious new day; but these songs are just the first few streams of light in the breaking of that dawn in my own life; I have not tried to cover up failure and pain but simply tried to be honest…

“Now I can laugh I can cry and I can sing
The sweetest joys and saddest tears can now begin
An honest heart and honest eyes its been a beautiful surprise
Since God gave my true feelings.”
Graham Kendrick

Peter At The Breaking Of The Bread was re-recorded in 2004 for Sacred Journey and in 2010 for The Acoustic Gospels.

Breaking Of The Dawn was Graham's fourth album and the songs are 'just the first few streams of light in the breaking of the dawn in my own life'.
1976 (Dovetail)

John Pantry

Recorded at:
I.C.C. Studios, Eastbourne

Helmut Kaufmann

Drums: Tony Taylor
Bass Guitar: Gerry Page (courtesy of Living Waters Trust)
Lead Guitar: Mo Witham
Acoustic Guitar: Graham Kendrick
Organ: Peter Banks
Oboe on "Peter at the Breaking of the Bread" and piano on "Why do you Weep": Kathy Coupe
Banjo: John Allam
String and brass arrangemets: Keith Routledge
Trumpets: Ray Allen, Robert Foster
Trombones: Dave Gladman, Dave Scrogg
Strings: Violins; David Buckley, Ingrid Sandom
Viola: Liz Buickley
Cello: Stephen Buckley
Harp: Janice Gardener-Brown.
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