We Have Seen Him (Blackest day, sleepless night)

Blackest day, sleepless night
Silhouette of the victim etched on our sight
Peter was back but he was hiding his shame
We were waiting for nothing, nothing came
On the grave of our dreams danced the demon Despair
I was out of my head trying to sleep on a chair

Who's that, what's that, knock on the door?
Who's that, what's that, knock on the door?

Mary where you been, what you seen?
Up all night lamplight nightmares or dreams?
What kind of madness put this smile on your face?
What you trying to say you have seen him!
Do you know what you're saying?

He's dead, he's gone it won't be long before the soldiers come

Peter stepped up strange look in his eyes, what you say?
She said she seen Jesus under the cemetary skies
Then we were running head in a spin
Stumbled through the open doorway there was nobody in!

We have seen him, we have seen the triumph in his eyes
We have seen him, we have seen the triumph in his eyes

Just a little later gathered in a room
Everyone was talking at the same time
Suddenly he was standing there in the middle of the room
Saying 'Peace be with you!'
Oh we were so amazed, we just stared
As he stood smiling there!

We have seen him, we have seen the triumph in his eyes

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1979 Make Way Music,


Triumph In The Air was written while Graham was working with British Youth For Christ in Wolverhampton and featured Graham on Piano.
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