You’re The Perfume, I’m The Jar (You’re the castle, I’m the keep)

You’re the castle, I’m the keep
In your walls I safely sleep
I’m the branch and You’re the tree
I’m part of You, You’re part of me

You’re the Shepherd I’m the stray
Losing You I lose my way
Finding You I’ll find my place
in the shining of your face

So my life it will be sweet
And everywhere is where we meet
You’re the diamond, I’m the mine
And through the dark I see you shine
I’m the desert, You’re the rain
You’re the ransom, I’m the slave

I’m the branch and You’re the vine
I’m the cup and You’re the wine
When the cup is full and the wine is new
Then the world will drink of You

You’re the potter, I’m the clay
You’re the perfume, I’m the jar
When the jar is broken on the ground
There’ll be fragrance all around.

You’re evrything I have
And everything I need I find in You.


Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1974 Make Way Music,


Paid on the Nail was written while Graham was part of 'In the name of Jesus' who engaged in evangelism and church renewal around the UK.
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