This Is My Beloved Son (That the lamb who was slain)

This is my beloved son
Who tasted death
That you, my child, might live
See the blood He shed for You
What suffering
Say what more could He give
Clothed in His perfection
Bring praise, a fragrance sweet
Garlanded with joy
Come worship at His feet

That the Lamb who was slain
Might receive the reward
Might receive the reward of His suffering

Look, the world’s great harvest fields
Are ready now
And Christ commands us: ‘Go!’
Countless souls are dying
So hopelessly
His wondrous love unknown
Lord, give us the nations
For the glory of the King
Father, send more labourers
The lost to gather in

Come the day when we will stand
There face to face
What joy will fill His eyes
For at last His Bride appears
So beautiful
Her glory fills the skies
Drawn from every nation
People, tribe and tongue
All creation sings
The wedding has begun

And the Lamb who was slain
Shall receive the reward
Shall receive the reward of His suffering

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1985 Thankyou Music


Psalm 2:8, Isaiah 53:11, Matthew 9:37-38, 28:19


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