The Darkness

Deep was the darkness
And deep was the anguish
And harsh the injustice
Of that bitter day
Crushed and heartbroken
Alone in the garden
The hour is upon him the choice must be made

O watch with me brothers
And strengthen each other
There’s danger and trouble
Much more than you know
Oh sin is a madness
A cold deathly sadness
A cup running over with poison and pain

His friends are all sleeping
The vigil he’s keeping
Exhausted but pleading
More earnestly
The cup stands before him
His pure soul recoiling
And yet it was all for this moment he came
He sweats as if bleeding
His voice three times pleading
Is this cup of suffering the only way?

Father your will not mine
Father your will
Father your will not mine

The cross on his shoulder
The Lamb to the slaughter
The crowd followed weeping
And watched till the end
He cried ‘it is finished!’
Gave up his spirit
And then it happened though nobody saw Our sorrow that crushed him
Our sin that had nailed him
And every dark power that ever killed and enslaved
He seized and disarmed them
And tore down their prisons
And rose from the grave in a victory parade

Father your will not mine
Father your will
Father your will not mine

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2022 Make Way Music,


Matthew 26:36-43, John 19:25-30

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