Merciful (At the cross where Jesus suffered)

At the cross where Jesus suffered I lay down my bitter blame
Where he prayed Father forgive them, Lord I know I must do the same
Laying down my pain my anger, vengeful thoughts nailed to the cross
Take the sting of wrongs remembered, no more measuring my loss

For my Father in heaven showed mercy to me
How can I not be merciful
When God’s been merciful to me,
God’s been merciful to me

I’ll not use my words as weapons, or the past to gain control
On my tongue no trace of venom, only grace to comfort and make whole
I am weak but God is with me, past and future in his hand
Turns to good the ill we suffer, works all things into Love’s plan

Holy Dove, return and rest here, as I think and speak the best
Though it takes ten thousand choices I’ll press on to honour and to bless
For the love of Christ my Saviour, by the strength he daily gives
This will be the thanks I offer, I will totally forgive

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2009 Make Way Music

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Banquet by Graham Kendrick includes Merciful, Be Glorified, He is Risen and Love Each Other

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