Song And Dance Man (People say that he’s seen better days)

People say
That he’s seen better days
But on the stage again
May I present to you
Your very own, appearing
Here tonight
And for his final show
The song and dance man

Top to tails
He’s dressed in black and white
And with his hat and cane
He cuts a dashing sight
Singing tunes
That we all know and love
Come on lets hear it for
The song and dance man

And since he was just a boy
He’s dreamed of stepping on out
To trip the light fantastic
Sat in the seventeenth row
With the stars in his eyes
He decides that he will
Sing and dance it

Pretty girls who dance
Upon his arm they melt
Exquisitely into his charms
Lets drink a toast
To all he’s loved and lost
Come on lets hear it for
The song and dance man

And if the music should stop
He’ll do that old toe and heel
Come on and feel that rhythm
He’s a master of style
A cat with a smile and a purr
And a taste for high living

The spotlight turns
It seems to catch his face
And for a moment there
He blinks into its blaze
His voice returns
Across an empty hall
Come on lets hear it for
The song and dance man

Time to go
They’re turning out the lights
Come on lets hear it for
The song and dance man

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1983 Thankyou Music


The Blame was released in cassette format only and was produced for the Kendrick/Stevenson mime and music production of the same name.
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