Our Eyes Are On You (Humbly we gather together)

Humbly we gather together seeking your help Lord
For vengeful and vast are the forces advancing so near
We have no power to face what's coming against us
Those who conspire to invade your inheritance here

Urgent we lift up our hands appealing for mercy
Searching our hearts to be sure they are pure and true
Waiting and listening here our family round us
Helpless defenceless we do not know what to do

But our eyes, our eyes are on you
But our eyes, our eyes are on you

God of our fathers you are the God in heaven
Ruling above all the nations and kingdoms of earth
Power and might in your hand no-one can withstand you
Will you not act and bring justice for this is your cause

And our eyes, our eyes are on you
And our eyes, our eyes are on you

Don't be afraid or discouraged because of this army
The battle's not yours yes the battle belongs to the Lord
Go out and face them stand firm you'll see him fight for you
As you give thanks for his love that forever endures

Yes our eyes, our eyes are on you
Yes our eyes, our eyes are on you (Repeat)

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1993 Make Way Music, 


Spark to a Flame by Graham Kendrick, UK based worship leader and modern hymn writer including God of the Poor, Teach me to Dance, and On This Day of Happiness
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