Ain’t Nothing Like It

Ain’t nothing like it
This joy I’m feeling
Ain’t nothing like it
What can I say?
Ain’t nothing like it
My head is reeling
Ain’t nothing like
This happy day

Ain’t nothing like it
This wild experience
Could not believe my
Own ears and eyes
I thought I’d died and I’d gone to heaven
Ain’t nothing like
This big surprise

Seemed like angels
Jumped right out of heaven
Landed dancing down here
My head is ringing
With choirs of angels singing
Ain’t nothing like
This crazy day

Ain’t nothing like it
The news they told us
For us a Saviour
A baby boy
Born in a stable
The One we’re looking for
He must be Heaven’s pride & joy
Joy, joy, joy

So excited
What a birthday party
Hallelujah O yeah
So delighted
We have been invited
To celebrate his happy day

Listen up, listen up c’mon gather round like a flock.
I’ve got good news for all so listen up round the clock.
So don’t be afraid why? Your Saviour’s been born.
To deliver you with peace but release you from your wrong.
So let’s rejoice, make a joyful noise, the ladies and the gentlemen, the girls and the boys.
Shouting “Hallelujah” to the Christ, your Messiah.
Feel your spirit rise, let the joy take you higher, higher.
Glory to the baby in the manger.
YO! don’t turn away, don’t treat him like a stranger.
so happy is the person who glorifies the Son.
(YO!) Jesus, Jesus he’s the chosen one.

Glory, hallelujah
Heaven’s Peace and Joy be to you
Everything is alright now
Let’s sing it and shout it
Tell the world about it
Ain’t nothing like
This happy feeling
Ain’t nothing like this crazy day
Come on and join this happy day

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1994 Make Way Music,


Rumours Of Angels by Graham Kendrick, is a Christmas album by UK based worship leader and modern hymn writer including Thorns in the Straw
If you do not find what you are looking for please contact Make Way Music here and we will help if we can.

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