7 Reasons To Celebrate

Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus (repeat)

Ldr: From the far corners of earth we hear music
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Echoing over the land and sea
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Sound of the drums awakes a new morning
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Calling our feet to the rhythms of praise

All: Oh celebrate Jesus celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus
Ldr: Out of the West come shouts of rejoicing
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Out of the East a loud reply
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Over the nations a voice is calling
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Worship the Maker of earth and sky
All: Oh celebrate Jesus

Leader: We have millions of reasons
To celebrate Jesus and
I’ll sing you seven if you count from one
Everybody count:
All: One!
Ldr: He gave up the glory of heaven
All: Two!
Ldr: Humbly became one of us
All: Three!
Ldr: Showed us the love of the Father
All: Four!
Ldr: Paid for our sins on a cross
All: Five!
Ldr: Rose from the dead victorious
All: Six!
Ldr: Ascended to heaven’s throne
All: Seven!
Ldr: Poured his Spirit upon us

All: Oh celebrate Jesus!
Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus
Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1996 Make Way Music,


No More Walls by Graham Kendrick, UK based worship leader and modern hymn writer was the last official March For Jesus album and features From Where The Sun Rises and Say it Loud
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