Themed Thoughts from Graham

Worship Is A Journey

Graham Kendrick explores the idea that in Christian Worship we are on a journey from revelation to response. Graham says 'The worship journey is not just about us encountering God and how we feel about that, it’s also about being sent out'.

The Trinity

Sometimes we can lose the wonder and the awe of the fact that we can worship God at all - that we are welcomed into His presence. We must understand that our only access to be able to come before God is through Christ - The Worship Leader.

Why Aren't We Singing

'Very often I find myself in worship contexts. The band is pumping out great music, the worship leader is lost in wonder, love and praise but I look around and a lot of people are barely mouthing the words.' There are a number of straightforward reasons why we are not singing suggests Graham. Watch for more.



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Keep The Banner Flying High

10 new live songs from Graham, including Adore, Holy Overshadowing & My Worth is Not in What I Own.

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