This unique trio features Graham Kendrick (Guitar), Mark Prentice (Double Bass) and Terl Bryant (Percussion).

Amazing Love

Amazing Loveperformed by Graham Kendrick, Mark Prentice (Double Bass) and Terl Bryant (Percussion).

Written in 1989, Amazing Love has become a 'Kendrick Classic' and was re-recorded for 2011's The Very Best of Graham Kendrick.

Amazing Love

Thorns in the Straw (Since the day the angel came)

Thorns in the Strawperformed by Graham Kendrick, Mark Prentice (Double Bass) and Terl Bryant (Percussion).

Written for the Christmas album Rumours of Angels in 1994, Thorns in the Straw is now a concert regular and takes the viewpoint of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The song imagines Mary glimpsing the bitter-sweet story of her newborn son as she finds a thorn in the manger straw that cradles her baby's head.

Thorns in the Straw

Holy Overshadowing (O spread Your wings of mercy over me)

Holy Overshadowingperformed by Graham Kendrick, Mark Prentice (Double Bass), Terl Bryant (Percussion) and featuring Ben Trigg (Vocals and Guitar).

Graham Kendrick and Ben Trigg co-wroteHoly Overshadowingwhen Ben came to Graham with some ideas for a song about God's protection. Ben says "When I brought the song to Graham, it was more or less a 'poem with a chorus', and a simple melody (which actually stuck). The wisdom that Graham brought helped me to see how it needed to be structured and the ideas contextualised in order to become a really useable worship song, and I was grateful that he began to input ideas that would take it down that road". Graham says "What I relate to in the song is how easy it is when we are under pressure to find refuge in the wrong places, especially if we feel guilty or that we're not getting it right. We tend to run away from God when actually the best thing to do is run to God".

Holy Overshadowing

Crucified Man

Crucified Manperformed by Graham Kendrick, Mark Prentice (Double Bass) and Terl Bryant (Percussion).

Written in 2006, and recorded on album Out Of The Ordinary, Crucified Man is Graham at his singer/songwriter best. A declaration of the belief that the life, message and death of Jesus is Plan A, there is no Plan B. All hope has been placed in Jesus - the crucified man.

Live or die here I stand
I’ve placed my hope in a crucified man

Crucified Man

Meekness & Majesty

Meekness And Majestyperformed by Graham Kendrick, Mark Prentice (Double Bass) and Terl Bryant (Percussion).

Written in 1986,Meekness And Majestywas the theme song for the annual UK Christian Conference Spring Harvest - This Is Your God.  It was then recorded for the very first 'Make Way' album 'A Carnival of Praise', Meekness and Majesty has become one of Graham's most well known and popular compositions.

Meekness and Majesty



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