What Grace (Father to you)

One of the greatest wonders of God’s grace is that he is not content to stop at forgiving our sins and giving us eternal life. His plan was that we should be ‘in Christ’, even to the extent of being joint heirs and rulers with him of the universe for ever. Phew, what grace!

You may find this song useful in communion services as well as general use. Although the song is recorded in the key of E, guitarists may find it easier to play in D with capo on fret 2.

Father to you with songs of love we come
Into your presence in awe of all you've done
Brought here with joy before your throne of grace
And in the Son you love given our place

What grace to be found in him
Heaven's glorious King
Father what grace raising us to life
Choosing us in Christ
Father what grace

Deep is the joy that fills your courts above
While angels wonder at your redeeming love
And as you gaze with joy upon your Son
Your eyes are on the ones his love has won

No higher call than to be heirs with him
So let our passion burn for heavenly things
Seated with Christ for him alone to live
Our hearts forever where our treasure is

What grace, what grace

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2001 Make Way Music