To You O Lord

"Trusting and hoping in God involves both crisis and process. On the What Grace recording Matt Redman joins me in this song to express both the heart’s longings and the daily decisions to trust him and know him in the midst of all that life throws at us. It is based on Psalm 25."

To You O Lord was written in 1997 and originally recorded for the No Scenes Of Stately Majesty EP in the key of F. It was re-recorded in 2001 and became the lead track for What Grace. For the new recording it was played in the key of E. Graham uses a capo on fret 2 on the top 5 strings when playing live, leaving the bottom E, and for extra intensity the whole of the first verse is played with the E chord only going to the A on 'triumph over me'...

Two live versions are also available on USA Live Worship and Sacred Journey.

To You O Lord I lift up my soul
In you I trust O my God
Do not let me be put to shame
Nor let my enemies triumph over me

No one whose hope is in you
Will ever be put to shame
That's why my eyes are on you Oh Lord
Surround me, defend me
Oh how I need you
To you I lift up my soul
To you I lift up my soul

Show me your ways and teach me your paths
Guide me in truth lead me on
For you're my God, you are my Saviour
My hope is in you each moment of the day

Remember Lord your mercy and love
That ever flow from of old
Remember not the sins of my youth
Or my rebellious ways
According to your love remember me
According to your love
For you are good O Lord

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1997 Make Way Music,