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That Name

If it was not for that Name
If it was not for the Name I love
If no one had told me
If no one had had showed me
About the Name

If it was not for this love
If it was not for the love of God
If he had not loved me
Long before I knew Him
If not for love

Jesus, Name I call on
Rock I stand on
Jesus, God and Saviour
King forever
In my joy and sorrow
Today, tomorrow
Jesus, Jesus
Name above all Names

If it was not for the cross
If it was not for the rugged cross
Who would pay so dearly
To forgive so freely
At the cross

Who would light my darkness
Who would lift my sadness
Who would pay so dearly
Jesus, Jesus

Who would reach to save me
While my sin enslaved me
Trade His own blood for me
Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Rock that breaks me
Jesus, heals, remakes me
Jesus, friend and brother
Jesus, Jesus

Jesus never fails me
Never will forsake me
Out of death has raised me
Jesus, Jesus

If it was not for this grace
If it was not for the grace of God
Who would bear my sorrow
Give me back tomorrow
If it was not for that Name

Graham Kendrick & Darlene Zschech
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