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Psalm 148 (Praise the Lord from the heavens)

Praise the Lord from the heavens
Praise him from the skies
Praise the Lord hosts of angels
Sing celestial choirs
Praise him sun and moon
Praise him shining stars
Clouds that ride on the wind
Let everything with life and breath
Praises sing

Praise the Lord earth and oceans
Creatures of the deep
Fire and hail, ice and hurricane
Let the thunder speak
Beasts of forest, field and desert
Every bird in the sky
From least of all to greatest king
Sing for joy

Let them all praise the one Name
Worthy of all praise
Only God, our Creator
From eternal days
All his excellence far outshining
All the worlds he has made
Yet comes to us, delivers us
Give him praise

To the Lord of all creation
Glory and majesty forever
To the Lord of all creation
Glory and majesty forever
Praise the Lord of all creation
Glory and majesty forever.

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2004 Make Way Music

Psalm 148

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