Ascension Song (Where are you going?)

Where are you going?
Don't say you're leaving
Can we come with you?
Why can't you stay?

How will we manage?
We'll be so lonely
Scared of tomorrow
Why can't you stay?

Now my work is done
Yours has just begun
I am going home to reign
I am sending you
In my Name you go
Let the whole world
know why I came

What shall we do now?
Wait in the city
What's gonna happen?
There will be power
How will we know this?
There'll be no doubt about it
When will it happen?
At the right time

When the Spirit comes
Power will fall upon you
You'll be my witnesses
You'll have all you need
Do the works I did
By my power
You will succeed

Where are you going?
I'll never leave you
We'll be so lonely
I will be there
How will we manage?
I'll send the Spirit
When will we see you?
I will return

Oooh - in me -
He is alive in me

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1979 Make Way Music,