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With My Whole Heart

With my whole heart I will praise you
Holding nothing back, Hallelujah!
You have made me glad and now
I come with open arms to thank You
With my heart embrace, Hallelujah!
I can see Your face is smiling
With my whole life I will serve You
Captured by Your love, Hallelujah!
O amazing love, O amazing love!

Lord, Your heart is overflowing
With a love divine, Hallelujah!
And this love is mine for ever
Now Your joy has set You laughing
As You join the song, Hallelujah!
Heaven sings along, I hear the
Voices swell to great crescendos
Praising Your great love, Hallelujah!
O amazing love, O amazing love!

Come, O Bridegroom, clothed in splendour
My Belovèd One, Hallelujah!
How I long to run and meet You
You’re the fairest of ten thousand
You’re my life and breath, Hallelujah!
Love as strong as death has won me
All the rivers, all the oceans
Cannot quench this love, Hallelujah!
O amazing love, O amazing love!

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1981 Thankyou Music

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