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One Shall Tell Another (The wine of the Kingdom)

One shall tell another
And he shall tell his friend
Husbands, wives and children
Shall come following on
From house to house in families
Shall more be gathered in
And lights will shine in every street
So warm and welcoming

Come on in and taste the new wine
The wine of the kingdom
The wine of the kingdom of God
Here is healing and forgiveness
The wine of the kingdom
The wine of the kingdom of God

Compassion of the Father
Is ready now to flow
Through acts of love and mercy
We must let it show
He turns now from His anger
To show a smiling face
And longs that men should stand beneath
The fountain of His grace

He longs to do much more than
Our faith has yet allowed
To thrill us and surprise us
With His sovereign power
Where darkness has been darkest
The brightest light will shine
His invitation comes to us
It's yours and it is mine

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1981 Thankyou Music

 The King Is Among Us

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