Three Part Harmony (On this day of happiness)

On this day of happiness
We have gathered here to bless
The union of two lives in holy love
Love's blossoming is now expressed
In solemn vows and promises
With flowers and golden rings
A wedding dress
We look around with joy to see
The smiles of friends and family
As witness to this day
But, best of all, a Guest unseen
Is here with us and, once again
Water turns to wine

On this their wedding day
We ask you Lord to stay
And by your Spirit
Join these hearts together
And from this moment on
each them your lover's song
That all the world may hear
A three-part harmony

Oh may this song of love ring clear
Through health or sickness, joy or tears
For as long as both of them shall live
May they harmonize with heaven above
Stay tuned to the key of love
Keep their eyes on Jesus day by day
And may the music of their days
Become a symphony of praise
In honour of their Lord
And may the song become a dance
To celebrate the great romance
Of Jesus and his Bride

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1991 Make Way Music,