Jesus, Restore To Us Again

Jesus, restore to us again
The gospel of your holy name
That comes with power, not words alone
Owned, signed and sealed from heaven's throne
Spirit and word in one agreed
The promise to the power wed

The word is near, here in our mouths
And in our hearts, the word of faith
Proclaim it on the Spirit's breath

Your word, O Lord, eternal stands
Fixed and unchanging in the heavens
The Word made flesh, to earth come down
To heal our world with nail-pierced hands
Among us here you lived and breathed
You are the Message we received

Spirit of truth, lead us, we pray
Into all truth as we obey
And as God's will we gladly choose
Your ancient powers again will prove
Christ's teaching truly comes from God
He is indeed the living Word

Upon the heights of this great land
With Moses and Elijah stand
Reveal your glory once again
Show us your face, declare your name
Prophets and law, in you complete
Where promises and power meet

Grant us in this decisive hour
To know the Scriptures and the power
The knowledge in experience proved
The power that moves and works by love
May word and works join hands as one
The word go forth, the Spirit come

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1992 Make Way Music,