No Room At The World (I saw a precious load)

I saw a precious load on a lonely road when the sky was clear and cold
The donkey stumbled, the young man held reins
Well, the girl she looked down and her face was white
She knew her time was near
Hoping for a welcome smile and the warmth of a room and the cry of a child

But there's no room at the world
There's no place for the child
There's no room at the world
How about you?
How about you?
How about you?

Well the innkeeper laughed and his eyes were cold
The girl began to cry
That's just another way of saying 'please'
So he threw down some straw on the cattle floor
And chased the hens away
Turned and slammed the stable door behind
Shook his head in the starlight

Well, it was late and cold in the garden grove
When the soldiers came in view And Judas smiled as they took Him from behind
And the priest said: 'kill' and the crowd went wild
On their bloody holiday
They whipped Him and they stripped Him
And they left Him there on the cross to die

Too busy working and not enough time for You
Got to make money for filling up houses now
Rushing and hurrying, working and worrying
Earning and spending it, beginning and ending it

Ah, there's still no room at the world

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1974 Make Way Music,