I Love Your Name (God above, beyond our understanding)

God above, beyond our understanding
Yet in love revealing who you are
Elohim- in whom we have our being
Maker of the earth
The sun, the moon, the stars

I love your name
Yes I love your name
How I love your name

Lord of Hosts the King of angel armies
Our Provider, Shepherd, Healer, Friend
Defender of the poor, the weak, the lonely
Comforter and Guide
Beginning and the End

Holy One, no eye has ever seen you
Yet in Christ your grace and glory shine
Placing on our lips the “Abba Father”
Jesus - God who saves
Master - Adonai

Graham Kendrick & Stuart Garrard
Copyright © 2006 Make Way Music,
www.grahamkendrick.co.uk, and
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