Who Sees It All

Who sees it all, before whose gaze
Is darkest night bright as the day
Watching as in the secret place
His likeness forms upon a face

Who sees it all, the debt that's owed
Of lives unlived of love unknown
Who weighs the loss of innocence
Or feels the pain of our offence

God sees, God knows
God loves the broken heart
And holds, and binds
And heals the broken heart

Who knows the fears that drive a choice
Unburies pain and gives it voice
And who can wash a memory
Or take the sting of death away

Whose anger burns at what we've done
Then bears our sin as if his own
Who will receive us as we are
Whose arms are wide and waiting now

Whose broken heart upon a cross
Won freedom, joy and peace for us
Whose blood redeems, who ever lives
And all because of love forgives

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1997 Make Way Music,


Psalm 51:17, Psalm 139:11-16, Isaiah 53:4-6, Isaiah 61:1