Song for Christingle

Can you see what we have made
For this very special day?
An orange for our planet home
Circling around the sun
Count the seasons as we sing
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
Sing to God who sends the rain
Making all things new again

Candlelight burning bright
Chase the darkness of the night
Christ the light, light our way
Live inside our hearts today

See the food with colours bright
Taste buds tingle at the sight
Let's be thankful as we share
God's good gifts are everywhere
Why then is the world we made
Wrapped around with ribbon red?
Red is for our ransom paid
When our Lord was crucified.

There's a world I'm dreaming of
Where there's peace and joy and love
Light of Jesus everywhere
This is my Christingle prayer

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1997 Make Way Music,