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7 Reasons To Celebrate

Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus (repeat)

Ldr: From the far corners of earth we hear music
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Echoing over the land and sea
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Sound of the drums awakes a new morning
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Calling our feet to the rhythms of praise

All: Oh celebrate Jesus celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus
Ldr: Out of the West come shouts of rejoicing
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Out of the East a loud reply
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Over the nations a voice is calling
All: Oh celebrate
Ldr: Worship the Maker of earth and sky
All: Oh celebrate Jesus

Leader: We have millions of reasons
To celebrate Jesus and
I'll sing you seven if you count from one
Everybody count:
All: One!
Ldr: He gave up the glory of heaven
All: Two!
Ldr: Humbly became one of us
All: Three!
Ldr: Showed us the love of the Father
All: Four!
Ldr: Paid for our sins on a cross
All: Five!
Ldr: Rose from the dead victorious
All: Six!
Ldr: Ascended to heaven's throne
All: Seven!
Ldr: Poured his Spirit upon us

All: Oh celebrate Jesus!
Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus
Celebrate (x3)
Oh celebrate Jesus

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1996 Make Way Music,

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