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No Scenes Of Stately Majesty

No scenes of stately majesty for the King of kings
No nights aglow with candle flame for the King of love
No flags of empire hung in shame for Calvary
No flowers perfumed the lonely way that led him to
A borrowed tomb for Easter Day

No wreaths upon the ground were laid for the King of kings
Only a crown of thorns remained where he gave his love
A message scrawled in irony 'King of the Jews'
Lay trampled where they turned away and no-one knew
That it was the first Easter Day

Yet nature's finest colours blaze for the King of kings
And stars in jewelled clusters say: 'Worship heaven's King'
Two thousand spring times more have bloomed Is that enough?
Oh how can I be satisfied until he hears
The whole world sing of Easter love

My prayers shall be a fragrance sweet for the King of kings
My love the flowers at his feet for the King of love
My vigil is to watch and pray until he comes
My highest tribute to obey and live to know
The power of that first Easter Day

I long for scenes of majesty for the risen King
Or nights aglow with candle flame for the King of love
A nation hushed upon it's knees at Calvary
Where all our sins and griefs were nailed
And hope was born of everlasting Easter Day

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1998 Make Way Music,

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