The Feast Is Ready (The trumpets sound)

The trumpets sound, the angels sing 
The feast is ready to begin 
The gates of heaven are open wide 
And Jesus welcomes you inside 

Tables are laden with good things 
O taste the peace and joy he brings 
He'll fill you up with love divine 
He'll turn your water into wine 

Sing with thankfulness songs of pure delight 
Come and revel in heaven's love and light 
Take your place at the table of the King 
The feast is ready to begin 
The feast is ready to begin 

The hungry heart he satisfies 
Offers the poor his paradise
Now hear all heaven and earth applaud 
The amazing goodness of the Lord 

Ldr: Jesus (All echo each line) 
We thank you 
For your love
For your joy 
We thank you 
For the good things 
You give to us

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1989 Make Way Music,