Prepare The Way (Clear the road)

Clear the road, make wide the way (echo)
Welcome now the God who saves (echo)
Fill the streets with shouts of joy (echo)
(Cheers, etc.)

Prepare the way of the Lord! (echo)
Prepare the way of the Lord! (echo)
Raise your voice and join the song (echo)
God made flesh to us has come (echo)
Welcome him, your banners wave (echo)
(Cheers, shouts, wave banners, etc.)

For all sin the price is paid (echo)
All our sins on Jesus laid (echo)
By his blood we are made clean (echo)
(Cheers, shouts of thanksgiving)

At his feet come humbly bow (echo)
In your lives enthrone him now (echo)
See, your great Deliverer comes (echo)
(Cheers, shouts welcoming Jesus)

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1988 Make Way Music,