Creation Creed (The Lord is a mighty King)

The Lord is a mighty King (Men)
The maker of everything (Women)
The Lord he made the earth (Men)
He spoke, and it came at once to birth (Women)
He said 'Let us make mankind' (Men)
The crown of his design (Women)
'In our own likeness' (Men)
His image in every human face (Women)

And he made us for his delight (All)
Gave us the gift of life
Created us family
To be his glory
To be his glory

And yet we were deceived (Men)
In pride the Lie believed (Women)
To sin and death's decay (Men)
The whole creation fell that day (Women)
Now all creation (Men)
Yearns for liberation (Women)
All things in Christ restored (Men)
The purchase of his precious blood (Women)

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1988 Make Way Music,