O What A Mystery I See

O what a mystery I see
What marvellous design
That God should come as one of us
A Son in David's line
Flesh of our flesh, of woman born
Our humanness he owns
And for a world of wickedness
His guiltless blood atones

This perfect Man, incarnate God
By selfless sacrifice
Destroyed our sinful history
All fallen Adam's curse
In him the curse of blessing turns
My barren spirit flowers
As over the shattered power of sin
The cross of Jesus towers

(A) By faith a child of his I stand
An heir in David's line
Royal descendant by his blood
Destined by Love's design
(B) Fathers of faith, my fathers now!
Because in Christ I am
All And all God's promises in Him
To me are 'Yes, Amen'!

No more then as a child of earth
Must I my lifetime spend - his history
His destiny are mine to apprehend
Oh what a Saviour, what a Lord
O Master, Brother, Friend!
What a miracle has joined me to
This life that never ends!

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1988 Make Way Music,