Winter Prayer (How long O Lord)

How long O Lord till this winter ends
Until your face shines on us again?
How long O Lord must we wait for you?
Oh hear our cry it surely must be soon

And still we hope and still we dream
Of ancient glory days returning
Though we are slaves in our own land
Your songs are stirring
On our lips again

How long O Lord ‘till our rescue comes?
Liberation! Liberation!
Until the promise of the Chosen One
Revolution! Revolution!
How long O Lord must we wait for you?

A hope I had given up on
A prayer I had long stopped praying
A dream long abandoned
An answer that never came
But the longing still remains
I feel my old hands trembling
For today I’ll stand in his presence
With oh so much more than
My own unanswered prayers
I must take the nation there [Elizabeth]
When our love was young
The future shone
We felt invincible
So long ago
Then as time went by
Our dearest longing was denied
We fought the demons of despair
And turned our grief to prayer
And carried on
How long O Lord

Must we wait for you?

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2007 Make Way Music