The New World Has Come (Maker to manger)

Maker to manger
Oh what a journey
Dancer at starbirth
Now firstborn of Mary

Emptied and helpless
Feeling first hunger
Tiny Almighty hand
Curls round her finger
Ageless and changeless
Gasping a first breath
God comes un-noticed

And the new world has come
The old order ending
And the first shoot has sprung
In the earth of Eden’s new garden

Spirit who once turned
Chaos to cosmos
Hovers in silence
Over Nazareth rooftops
She hears the first heartbeat
The pulse of salvation
Love’s incarnation

Spinner of planets
Pourer of oceans
Caught in the storm
Of human emotion
This staggering God
Takes his first steps towards us
On feet that will grow strong enough
To carry a cross

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2007 Make Way Music