Reckless Love (From bliss to pain)

From bliss to pain, in a blink of time
So our God arrives in Palestine
That’s how the story goes
A peasant girl, the scandal fresh
Our God conceived frail bone and flesh
Strange way to save the world
The streets are dangerous
For a child a thousand ways to die
Oh how can he survive

A reckless love
God with us
In weakness
Defenceless love
God with us
The hopes and fears
Of all the years
Are hanging on each
Breath he breathes

Glory, glory the skies filled with glory
In Bethlehem
Can’t you hear the angels singing
Peace on earth

It offends our minds, reveals our hearts
Our worldly wisdom falls apart
And yet as time unfolds
He unseats the proud lifts up the poor
Tears Satan down and opens heaven’s door
Kingdoms will rise and fall
A plan mysterious going on
A strange deliverance
A saviour born to die

Can’t you hear the angels singing
Peace on earth

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2007 Make Way Music