Praise To Christ, The Lord Incarnate

Praise to Christ, the Lord incarnate,
gift of God by human birth:
he it is who came among us,
shared our life and showed our worth;
ours the turmoil he encountered,
ours the fight he made his own;
now within our hearts his Spirit
makes his way of freedom known.

Praise to Christ our Saviour and our King
Praise to Christ our King

Praise to Christ, the Man of sorrows,
tasting death for our release:
his the cup of bitter anguish,
ours the pardon, ours the peace;
his the blood that seals forgiveness,
ours the weight of guilt he bore –
so by death and resurrection
Christ has opened heaven's door.

Praise to Christ, the Priest eternal:
still for us he intercedes;
still he sees our pains and problems
how he understands our needs!
Yesterday, today, forever,
always he remains the same:
pledged to bring us to the Father,
strong in grace and free from blame

Words by Martin Leckebusch
Copyright © 2000 Kevin Mayhew Ltd, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 3BW.
Used by permission
Music and chorus words by Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2002 Graham Kendrick
Administered by Make Way Music,