From The Sun's Rising

From the sun's rising
Unto the sun's setting
Jesus our Lord
Shall be great in the earth
And all earth's kingdoms
Shall be his dominion
All of creation
Shall sing of his worth

Let every heart, every voice
Every tongue join with spirits ablaze
One in his love, we will circle the world
With the song of his praise
O, let all his people rejoice
And let all the earth hear his voice!

To every tongue, tribe
And nation he sends us
To make disciples
To teach and baptise
For all authority
To him is given
Now as his witnesses
We shall arise

Come let us join with
The church from all nations
Cross every border
Throw wide every door
Workers with him
As he gathers his harvest
'til earth's far corners
Our Saviour adore

Graham Kendrick 
Copyright © 1988 Make Way Music,