Building A House (Isn't it good)

Isn't it good to be with friends
Isn't it good to speak their names
And be a friend of Jesus
Isn't it good to all belong
Different voices in one song
Singing our love for Jesus
When everyone has a psalm, a prayer
And everyone comes to give, to share

God's building a house
God's building a home
Come fill it with glory
You're building us strong 
You're making us one 
To shine out Your glory

Isn't it good that we can bring
Every good gift and offering
And lay it at the feet of Jesus
Meeting him here in every face
Multiplying acts of grace
Sharing the love of Jesus
Isn't this the true bread and wine
The other's needs not me and mine

And Isn't it true we're joined in one
Chosen and precious cornerstone
Upon the Rock of Ages

So what have I got to give today?
What have I brought to give away?
All for the love of Jesus

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2011 Make Way Music