Keep The Banner Flying High (Give me strength when I'm weary)

Give me strength when I’m weary
O my Lord
Lift me up when I fall
O my Lord
Light a fire in my bones
That an ocean cannot drown
Give me hope give me strength
Until my work is done

Oh, Jesus be my vision
Oh, the passion and the fire in my soul
We’ll keep the banner flying high
The banner flying high

In the valley of shadow
O my Lord
You will walk by our side
O my Lord
If we love not our lives
Rather die than to deny
There’ll be crowns there’ll be glory
When the morning comes

Those who wait on you patiently
O my Lord
Those who trust in your word
O my Lord  
They will soar they will glide
Like an eagle in the sky
They will walk not be weary
Till the work is done  

For his glory standing shoulder to shoulder
Proud to bear his holy name
Sound the victory our God is among us now

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2017 Make Way Music,


Isaiah 40, Psalm 23