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I Saw The Lord

I saw the Lord, I saw the Lord
High and lifted up
So high and lifted up
I saw the throne, oh heaven’s throne
Adoring angels all around
I heard them cry

Holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
All heaven sang
Holy, holy
The whole earth is
Full of your glory

Desperate I cried, I wept aloud
Save me or I die
For my eyes have seen the Lord
Down on my face, mercy I pray
You raise me up, I live again
And heaven sang

I see the Lord, see the Lord
High and lifted up
Crowned with glory and honour he reigns
High and lifted up
We see the Lord, see the Lord
High and lifted up
Tasted death yet he lives, now he reigns
High and lifted up

I heard a voice, oh tender voice
Whom shall I send and who will go for us?
Before such grace what could I do?
Lord, here I am, send me I’ll go
And heaven sang

I saw the Lord x4

Music and words by Graham Kendrick & Jake Isaac
© 2018 Make Way Music
and Kobalt Music
CCLI number: 7111046




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