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A Prince Is Born

A Prince is born in Bethlehem
For his throne a mother’s arms
And for his royal palace there
A canopy of stars

No fanfares sound in courts of kings
Oh but on a hillside bare
An angel choir comes carolling
For lowly shepherds there

Stars and angels harmonise
And we all will sing Hosanna
Giving glory in the highest
From the north and south
To the east and west

No stately robes await this child
And no silken gilded bed
A cattle trough to cradle him
Straw beneath his head

No armies march in vast parades
For no earthly king is this
But Mary bows in silent praise
And crowns him with a kiss

A Prince is born in Bethlehem
Tell the news in every land
And of his joyful kingdom
There will be no end

Joy to the world the Lord Is come
Let earth receive her King
Joy to the world the Lord is King
Let earth receive her King

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2007 Make Way Music

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