Song Resources for Christmas

12 Songs for Christmas

Graham has written several albums and songs for the Christmas and Advent season.

We have created a playlist of the 12 most popular songs and Graham has made a short video about each song, the story behind them and how they can be used. There is also a lyric video for each song that can be downloaded or streamed.

See the 12 Songs of Christmas Playlists below.

There is also a Spotify playlist of the 12 songs plus a bonus version of Dreaming of a Holy Night which was re-released last year.

Other Popular Songs

A playlist of other Christmas songs by Graham is also available below. Become a 'follower' or 'subscriber' of the playlists to keep it easy to find.

All Christmas Songs

A full list of Christmas and Advent songs by Graham Kendrick is available here:

Christmas Albums

The Gift (Make Way For Christmas)

The Gift (Make Way For Christmas)

Rumours of Angels

Rumours of Angels

Dreaming of a Holy Night

Dreaming of a Holy Night

12 Songs for Christmas Introduction

Adore (You Stepped Down From Heaven)

Thorns in the Straw (Since the Day the Angel Came)

Song for Christingle (Can You See What We Have Made)

Earth Lies Spellbound (Wake Up)

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

God With Us (He Walked Where I Walk)