A Little Bit Of Love

Graham's new song A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE encourages everyone that all the little acts of kindness we do, added together, will make a ocean of difference!

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The song was written originally to support choirs with the @LondonMarathon 2.6 Challenge this weekend but can be used by anyone to raise the much needed money for charities of your choosing!

Watch Graham talk about the story behind the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZRUiNaU1ew

Graham says that he wrote A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE in response to the direct need of his local Foodbank and other charities who are losing funds because this year’s London Marathon has been cancelled.

It is Graham’s hope that the song will get used to raise much needed money for worthy charities.

Graham’s challenge to everyone is to find a way to use the song to raise some funds, be creative - sing it down the phone to someone, sing it out the window down your street, post a film of yourself singing it on an exercise bike or treadmill or something! Perform it on a kazoo or a trombone! And if you want to do your own online version with some singing friends, there is a free score and a guide track available till May 8th arranged by Craig McLeish of Choir Community at www.choircommunity.net.

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Daily Psalmsurfing Online

Starting today, Graham is leading an online, daily Psalmsurfing session. These can be found on our Facebook page and Youtube channel and also on the Psalmsurfing page of this website.

Psalmsurfing is 'wrapping our hearts around the words of the Psalms through improvised singing to help us in our daily lives.'

Join Graham at 10am every week day during this lockdown period here:

YouTube: bit.ly/2RXlsYl

Facebook: bit.ly/3by740o

Website: Psalmsurfing

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