Songs for Daily Life

Someone asked the question 'How is it that on Sunday in church we hardly ever sing about Monday?', and it really made me think. We can go into this sort of abstract zone of worship which is lovely, because sometimes we need to escape the harsh realities of daily life but actually I think that it's more important that we get prepared to go back into it. church is about being refreshed, renewed and empowered to get back out into the world to serve Christ.

At that time I drafted several songs and I finished one short chorus. But what really inspired me was when I came across an old hymn text by my all time hymn writing hero Charles Wesley. Here suddenly before my eyes was this hymn from about 200 years ago on exactly the subject of dedicating daily work to God. The other thing that struck me is that many churches have a habit of finishing a service with an invitation to receive prayer, now that's a fantastic thing but what happens then to the music is that the worship leaders have to choose a quiet, reflective song. If you do anything loud and purposeful it can drown out the people praying.

If that is the habit that every service seems to climax with us getting prayed for we could easily get the idea that church is all about us getting personally blessed, which is actually only half of the answer. It is true, but the idea is that we are blessed to be a blessing.

So I think that we need a lot more songs that we finish services with whereby we get sent out, consciously focused on 'right, here's the new week, here's my job, I might love it, I might hate it but either way I'm going to walk this week with God and dedicate the whole lot to him'.

So I made up a little chorus in addition to Wesley's words which became the title of the song which is 'Be Glorified'.

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