Everybody Everywhere

Everybody everywhere
Bless his holy name
Everybody everywhere
Everybody everywhere
Sing about his love
Everybody everywhere
Forever and ever

I will praise you my God and King
And bless your name each day and forever
Great is the Lord, greatly praise him
His greatness knows no boundaries
Oh, let each generation stand in awe
And tell their children what he's done
I will meditate upon your glory
Splendour and majesty
Mighty miracles
Let them be on every tongue
Tell the glorious things you've done

God is kind and merciful
He is slow to anger, always rich in love
All that he does full of compassion
Creatures and creation give you thanks
Your people bless your holy name
Telling the glories of your reign
They will tell the world about your glory
Splendour and majesty
Mighty miracles
And this glorious King shall reign
Generations without end

See him lift the fallen
Share the burden as we walk the weary road
The eyes of all look up to heaven
For he is our helper
Our provider and the source that satisfies
The needs of every living thing
The Lord is always fair and full of kindness
Close to all who call
Seek him truly
He fulfils their hearts desire
But the wicked he destroys

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2001 Make Way Music