Blessed Are The Humble (The Beatitudes)

Blessed are the humble in spirit
For theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
And blessed are the mourners
They will find comfort.
And blessed are the lowly,
They shall reign
On the earth.

Oh how you bless us Lord!
Blessing upon blessing Lord!
Making us a blessing,
A blessing for the world.

And blessed are those who hunger,
Who thirst for justice,
For surely you'll fill them completely.
And those who show mercy
Will be shown mercy.
And blessed are the pure hearts,
They'll see God,
They'll see God.

And blessed are peacemakers,
Called the sons of God
Blessed are those oppressed
For righteousness' sake
For theirs shall be
Shall always be
Yes, theirs shall be
Heaven's kingdom

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2001 Make Way Music


Matthew 5: 3-10