When The World Said 'No' (The court was ajourned)

The court was ajourned and the prisoner was turned
With his back to the whip and the crowd
But the verdict was reached by the mob on the streets
Whose fingers were scratching for stones

Then the judge washed his hands of an innocent man
And his weakness was starting to show
As the whiplash did sing
He said 'Here is your King!'
And the world said 'No!'
As the whiplash did sing
He said 'Here is your King!'
And the world said 'No!'

And the hands that caressed
And the hands that had blessed him
Became white fists of rage
And the palms that were raised to
the new king they praised
Became whips for the lowest of slaves
The lips that revered him
And the mouths that had cheered him
Turned foul and began to accuse

And no-one connected the Christ they expected
With his blood that was spilled on their shoes

And was it your face that I saw in the crowd?
And was it your fist I saw raised?
And was it your voice I heard scream for his blood?
Your mouth that was twisted with rage?
And did you join in when they started to sing
Crucify, crucify him?
I know it was you for I was there too
When the world said 'No!'
Yes I know it's true for I stood next to you
When the world said 'No!'

He did not resist
As a man held his wrist
For the terrible kiss of the nails
And the crowd held it's breath
As the crosspiece of death
With it's burden was suddenly raised

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1974 Make Way Music,