Caiaphas And The Temple Guard (Who is this man from Nazareth?)

Who is this man from Nazareth?
No pack no purse no sword,
No style no reputation
Shaking this town with his word?

Who is this handsome prophet?
Whose army is he from?
Whose badge, whose revolution?
Tell me, whose side is he on?

All that I know is he speaks with authority
Love is his badge and his word is his sword
Oh he's a good man well so say the majority
How can I argue?
How can I argue with men he has healed?

So he's the great idealist!
I've seen his kind before!
I tell you I'm a realist,
His love could make me a war!

All that I know is he's speaking in parables
Speaks like a god and he smiles like a king
Wherever he goes are rejoicing and miracles
How can I argue?
How can I argue when I think I agree?

Enough of this conversation!
You fools are deaf and blind!
At stake is our state of religion!
We could be divided,
And so I've decided,
One man for the people shall die!

What shall we do with Jesus?
What do you say my friends?
Please join my resolution
Would anyone care to,
Would anyone dare to,
Bring this affair to an end?

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1974 Make Way Music,


Matt. 27:11-26, Mark 15:2-15, Luke 23:1-25, John 18:28-19:16