The King is Among Us (1981)

The King is Among Us

The King is among us was recorded in 1981 with a host of names inclusing the BYFC band 'Heartbeat', Caroline Bonnet, Chris Rolinson, Joe King, Sue Bassett, Bernie and Sharon Armstrong, Jackie Stoner and Maxine Simpson.

Graham says in the sleevenotes:

"I believe that we are about to witness a most remarkable, and in many ways unusual new era in the life of the church, provided that is, we are willing to pay the price of obedience, and accept the trauma of seeing the overturn of our existing status quo."

"God is ready to change us into a vigorous, adventurous, 'invading' people, no longer cringing in defensive postures or punching the air aimlessly, but celebrating the magnificence of our conquering King as we penetrate society with a quality of love and lifestyle unprecedented in this century."

"These songs arose out of a desire to in some way reflect the spirit and nature of this new move, whilst also giving due attention to themes which will always be important, until that breathtaking moment when the Bride and the Bridegroom join hands."

Restore O Lord was re-recorded in 2010 for The Very Best of Graham Kendrick.