The Blame (1983)

The Blame

The Blame was specially recorded for the touring production of a music and mime presentation by Graham and mime artist Geoffrey Stevenson. The 14 date UK tour began on 4th October 1983 at Leeds Grammar School.

In an interview with Buzz magazine in May 1984 Graham notes that The Blame album was his own personal project and was designed to give people something to remind them of the concert.

"Before the tour, Chris Norton and myself went into a local studio with a bank of synthesisers and an acoustic guitar and did the whole thing out of our own finances. The tape was never made into an album due to budget constraints, also we felt we wanted to keep it linked in with the live performance".

Shadows was re-recorded in 2010 for The Acoustic Gospels.

Album Details


1983 (Kingsway Music Ltd)


Graham Kendrick

Mixed by:

John Pantry and arranged by Christopher Norton

Recorded at:

Pollen Studios, Bishop Wilton, North Yorkshire, UK